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Veterinary Selected News - 2006

Almost all patients that are sedated or anesthetized will lose body temperature. The exceptions are the Nordic breeds of
dogs... (Husky, Malamute, Samoyed, etc.) that may... become hyperthermic under general anesthesia. The
adverse effects
of hypothermia
are numerous and include: -Immune system depression (impaired leukocyte mobility; decreased anti-body
production); -
post-operative infection rate is increased to 3 X the normal rate in patients experiencing mild intra-operative
hypothermia; -
coagulopathy which is independent of clotting factor levels; -increase in blood viscosity and sludging can
-systemic vascular resistance and afterload are increased; -CO2 production is decreased and may lead to
alkalemia if intermitted positive pressure ventilation is not adjusted; -
respiratory drive is diminished; -CNS: delayed
y from anesthesia, confusion, stupor or coma; -hyperglycemia due to catecholamine release; -hypovolemia due to
cold diuresis (may be seen as profound hypotension after re-warming);
-drug metabolism can be significantly delayed; -liver
metabolism decreased
, leading to drug toxicity... etc.
-Victoria M. Lukasik,
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(3): Small Animal, 16-17

ultrasonic cleaning machines are highly recommended for cleaning instruments, they do not replace a good hand
... to maximize instruments longevity... visit www. a-k-i.org, a web site compiled by an association of German
instruments manufactures that offers down-loadable care information....
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(3): Cover page, 28-29, 47 (Management)

Tail docking
would be banned without exception under a new provision in the United Kingdom's Animal Welfare Bill....It could
become law this summer.
-Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(3): Cover page

Bayer Animal Health of Shawnee, Kan., has enhanced BayerDVM.com, a free source for education, research and business
information for
veterinarians and clinic staff.
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(4): Cover page

About 5.4 million pets...are afflicted with chronic renal failure, according to Altair Nanotechnologies Inc, of Reno, Nevada,
which recently
released an initial study on the safety and efficiency of Renalan...a lanthanum-based crystaline
nanomaterial...proposed as
a drug for therapy or as a food additive for chronic renal failure...by safely and effectively
absorbing and neutralise phosphates...which kidneys no longer can effectively remove them.
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(4): Small Animal, page 14

Paternalism...in money driven-facilities...is abused when the attending doctor influences decisions based on interests other
than those of the patient's needs and the pet giver wishes. Veterinarians must juggle several dynamics...pet's condition,
prognosis, patient's chronological vs. physiological age, responce of attending staff, and the financial, logistical and
emotional limitations of the pets caregiver...
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(4): Small Animal, page 19

The veterinary industry has shown the lowest default rate and is one of the most, if not the most, attractive industries...
to lend... With today's population focused more on the health and wellbeing of their animals, we have seen practice revenues
on the rise, which demand expansion or new facilities to be erected in order to attract the clientele" says Vince Dailey, the
president of Vine Street Financial, a division of BB&T.
-Mark Crootof, DVM,
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(4): Management, page 27

Jon Rappaport, DVM, founder of www.PetPlace.com ... and owner of Coral Springs Pet Resort and Medical Center, a
boarding and medical facility located in Coral Springs, Fla., ... is trying
to increase the quality of pet care worldwide by
creating an interactive educational library for pet owners, giving them the most up-to-date information on pet illness,
wellness, surgery and behavior.
-Marissa Heflin,
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(4): People Watch, page 48

The American Animal Hospital Assn. is seeking presenters for its annual conference to be held March 27-30, 2008, in
Tampa, Fl., ... Proposal submission deadline is June 15. For details visit www.aahanet.org.
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(6): Cover page

An Acute Need To Manage Pain ... in animals has grown ... by using e.g. ... Metacam (Boehringer Ingelheim in St. Joseph,
Mo.), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug of the oxicam class ... introduced into the U.S. veterinary market in 2003 ...
Torbugesic (Fort Dodge Animal Health in Overland Park, Kansas), an opioid analgesic ... with its active ingredient
Butorphanol Tartrate ... for use in dogs, cats ... to relieve pain caused by major or minor trauma or surgery ... Previcox (Merial
in Duluth, Ga.) a coxib-class NSAID designed to alleviate the and inflammation of osteoarthritis in dogs ... launched in the
U.S. in June 2005 ...
Deramaxx (Novartis Animal Health) is the first coxib class NSAID approved by the U.S. Food and
Administration for the control of pain and inflammation associated with canine osteoarthritis and postoperative orthopedic
pain ...
Rimadyl (Pfizer Animal Health) released in 1997 ... the first NSAID ... for chronic ... and acute pain relief as well
-Dennis Arp,
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(6): Cover page, pages 6-7, 15

The U.S. Defense Dept. has hired a ... McGoldrick Construction Services Corp. of San Antonio, Tx. ... on $9.27 million contract
to build a new 30,950 squre-foot facility ... for the Military Working Dogs Veterinary Service ... at Lackland Air Force Base,
San Antonio, Texas, scheduled to open in September 2007.
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(6): Small Animal, page 23

Banfield Charitable Trust distributes $96,580 to 15 organization that promote preventive healthcare for pets, childhood
education about veterinary medicine and veterinary education ...
Recipients are: - Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends Inc., Atlanta,
Ga.; -
Central Brevard Humane Society, Cocoa, Fla.; - Citizens for Animal Protection of Warren County Inc., Macon, N.C.;
Commerce Humane Assn., Commerce, Texas; Erie County SPCA, Tonawanda, N.Y.; - Humane Society of Hall County,
Gainesville, Ga.; -
Minnesota Valley Humane Society, Burnsville, Minn.; Ohio State University College of Vetrinary Mediciene,
Dept. of Veterinary Biosciences, Columbus, Ohio; -
Pets Are Wonderful Support, San Francisco, Calif.; Pinellas County
Animal Foundation Inc., Seminole, Fla.; -
Save the Orphaned Pets Inc., Chula Vista, Calif.; - SPCA of Tampa Bay, Largo' Fla.;
Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, ustin, Texas; - Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman,
Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue Inc., Hudson, Mass.
Veterinary Practice News, 2006;(6): Small Animal, page 2
The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
Veterinary Selected News - 2005

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Wildlife Research Center recently completed laboratory trials
infrared thermography cameras... techniques, which detects and measures variation in the heat emitted by various
regions of the body... and found that
in case of rabies, heat associated with viral activity is most prevalent in the nose and
rostrum area... and shows up as white (hot) or bright red (very warm) on thermal images... with
foot-and-mouth disease heat
associated with viral activity is visible in and around the feet and oral lessions...
more research is needed to determine if the
thermal patterns are exlcusive to these diseases
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(11):4

San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SF/SPCA) announced in early 2003 plan... to construct a
new $32 million multi-specialty medical center...The Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center... a $13 million gift from the late
Mrs. Roberts, a member of the SF/SPCA Board of Directors for 15 years... with completion scheduled for 2007... to provide
for 25,000 animals per year.... The 60,000-square-foot building is designed by Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates...
formed by the merger of Rauhaus Architects on the West Coast and Warren Freedenfeld & Associates on the East Coast.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(11):4

The Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine has hired a mental health therapist... with master's degree in
family and human development and a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy... to teach students the basics of
pet loss and the
grieving process, and to offer clients.... counseling services... position sponsored by the Pet Trust, a K-State  program that
funds projects that support the human-animal bound.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10):2

Colorado State University and CBR Youth Connect released a study sponsored by The Iams Co. showing that severely
troubled youth who work with dogs... over the course of three years... as part of a pet therapy program demonstrate
improved social behavior.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10):2

In July in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine... the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine... called for
restricting all antimicrobial drug use in animals to a prescription-only basis.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10):2

Endoscopy reduces trauma... blood loss... is quicker, and usually produces quicker recovery rates", says Dr. Rawlings ... at
the ...American College of Veterinary Surgeons Symposium in San Diego Oct. 27-29... for example ..."single-port laparoscope
has been around in human medicine for decades, but is new in the veterinary market"...
-Arden Moore,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10): Front Page, 14, 15

Morris Animal Foundation... gives more than $4 million a year to fund animal health studies all over the world... is seeking
feline health-study proposals
... 10% of this year's funds went to cat studies, compared with 38% for dogs, 37% for wildlife
(including avian and reptile), and 13% for equine studies.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10): Front Page

Allied Capital Corp., a regulated investment company... founded in 1997... led a management buyout of Healthy Pet Corp., a
chain of 38 veterinary healthcare facilities based in Fairfield, Conn... and invested $64 million in the deal...
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(10): Front Page

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) reveals that
50% of pet owners give their pets recommended amount
of exercise
, which the CVMA defines as 15 to 20 minutes, three times a day for dogs and twice a day for cats... 40% knew
their pet's ideal weight...
47% do not pay attention to how much of the pet's main diet they feed and do not follow the
recommended serving listed on the packaging...
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(9):5

Decisions for pets' health difficult but necessary... however, pets... spaying and neutering... declawing of cats... are
opposed by AVAR, the Humane Society, the SPCA, Animal Liberation Front, PETA, etc....
-Letter to the Editor,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(9):2

After VCA  Antech Inc. of Los Angeles (VCA) acquisition of Pet's Choice Inc. of Bellevue, Washington,... with annual
revenues of 69.4 million for its fiscal year ended March 27, 2005... for US$60 million...
will operate 365 hospitals in 37
... The merger will more than double VCA's hospitals in Washington... to 33... in Texas to 43... in Arizona to 14...
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(7): Newsline, 8

Idexx Laboratories Inc. and Banfield The Pet Hospital have entered a 5-year agreement under which Idexx will equip all U.S.
Banfield hospitals with
... the VetTest Chemistry Analyzer,... the VetStat Electrolite and Blood Gas Analyzer,... the Snap
Reader... for common endocrine disorders,... the Snap 3Dx and Snap Gardia...
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(7): Newsline, 8

Vet shortages seen in food animal, research, public sectors... (as) those entering companion animal medicine voiced more
concern over money and hours... veterinary research also faces a
lack of resource money and proper facilities...(and)
National Academies predicts a shortage of 336 veterinary pathologists in the United States and Canada..
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(6): Cover Page, 4

According to... the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Pfizer Business Practices Study...66% of companion-
animal practitioners...expect
pain management to generate revenue growth in their practices... 40% listed geriatric medicine
as a revenue generator, 34%...
wellness programs,... 32%... obesity management,... with majority expecting diagnostics,
blood testing and dentistry to drive their practices...
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(6): Cover Page, 3

teaching hospitals in the United States...are facing a serious dilemma...in declining state funding...for the past 5
to 8 years... part of the general decline of state support of higher education nationwide...in declining
case load...less
revenue...resulted from increased competition from private specialty practices...reducing or eliminating individual
research...(have) long-term effect on the advancement of clinical veterinary medicine...
-Dennis McCurninn,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(8):4

At the meeting of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum in Baltimore (June 2005) new study showed that
Hill's Prescription Diet k/d cat food, when compare to a "typical grocery adult food" could extend the life and improve the
quality of life for cats with renal disease
... and according to Dr. David Polzin, DVM, "any dog or cat with serum creatinine level
of 2.0 mg/dl or greater should be treated with therapeutic nutrition for renal disease"....
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(7): Small Animal: 23

At its annual meeting the
European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS), an organization that represents various
veterinary specialty colleges across Europe...
rejects...supplementary, complementary and alternative
...treatments...the EBVS will recognize only scientific, evidence-based medicine that complies with animal-welfare
legislation...colleges that fail to comply with polices and procedures set forth by the EBVS could have their recognition
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(6): Cover Page

According to...the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)...the amount of more than $3,000...
pet owners are willing to
spend on veterinary care for their pets
...and depends on their income...about 60 percent reported that they want
veterinarians to give them several opinions when it comes to treating their pets and then make their final decision with the
help of the veterinarians...
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(6): Cover Page, 4

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has released the 4th edition of the
Veterinary Fee
, its guide...for approximately 400 services, including exams, consultations, wellness visits, discounts, diagnostic
services, imaging, hospitalization, and pharmacy...visit: www.aahanet.org...
-News Briefly,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(5):8

The American Pet Product Manufactures Association (APPMA) projects that
pet spendings in the United States will hit a
record high
$35.9 billion this year (2005), with an estimated $8.6 billion being spend for veterinary care.
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(5):41

Kodak released small-animal software for digital X-rays...developed with...University of Florida and Tufts veterinary
schools...and lunched its
Hyper 800-Speed G medical film...compared to the current standard 400-speed...that will reduce
dosages of subjects by 50 percent or more...
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(5):47

...in February 2005, Mars Inc....in conjunction with Banfield ...hosted grand opening...for a
14,000 square-foot teaching
... equipped with nine exam rooms and designed to handle up to 300 pets each day...at the College of Veterinary
Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
in Mexico City...which graduates 350 (students) each
year...(with) AVMA accreditation...sometime in 2006...and with 200 hospitals to be open in the next five years...with an ideal
density of one hospital every one to two miles...due to...many Mexican families who do not owns cars...(that) compares to an
optimal density of one hospital every five miles in the United States..
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(4): Cover Page, 6, 24

animal biotechnology market - animal cloning methods, gene therapy for animal disease management and transgenic
products production - is projected to be worth $12.5 billion by the year 2010...accounted for $4.1 billion...in 2004....visit:
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(4):10

...Dr. Peter Theran, of MSPCA-Angel in Boston, considers
cloning...nuclear transfer...chromatin transfer...for pets clients
unethical and inappropriate...Dr. Folger, of the AVMA welfare committee, said...cloning is to go ahead regardless of what we
say...this going to be big in veterinary medicine...
-Lori Luechtefeld,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(4):4

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Metacam (meloxicam) Injectable Solution in cats...0.14 mg/lb
of body weight, to be administered as a single one-time subcutaneous injection...for control of postoperative pain and
inflammation associated with orthopedic surgery, ovariohisterectomy and castration when administered before surgery...in
dogs orally as a single dose...at 0.2 mg/kg body weight...on the first day of treatment...for all treatments after day 1 .... 0.1
mg/kg body weight once daily...
-Small Animal,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(1):42

Herbs and foods...may alter the metabolism of other drugs pet owner give to their animals, and the list of know
is growing...Ginsen inhibits cytochrome P450 activity in a rat liver microsomes...garlic supplement may prolong
the effect of gas anesthesia...carrots, parley, celery and fennel lead to lower P450 activity...
-Narda Robinson,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(1):22

Council of State of Governments...opposes any legislation that reclassifies pet, livestock or other animal owners as
... (and)...that allows for recovery of non-economic damages for the loss or injury of an animal...
-News in Brief,
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(1):10

...A veterinary
medical profession needs faculties...(with)...strong clinical interest... to teach students, train house officers,
and publish clinical papers to advance the profession and enhance the reputation of the school...
Veterinary Practice News, 2005;(1):6
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