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The CMVS' Security Alert
           I.  Protecting yourself from being the victim of
Identity Theft

It is the responsibility of Company's Owner(s), Senior Executive(s), Faculty Member(s), employee(s)
and/or any individual(s) involved in clinical, teaching, research, diagnostic and other programs within the
CMVS' structure (including corporate office, Hospital, and other non-/ licensed/accredited facilities,
laboratories, accommodations) to protect themselves from
identity theft.

identity theft includes (but is not limited to) phishing, pharming or spoofing, smishing, vishing, and
so on. Individuals who are involved in such unscrupulous and ruthless activities are usually using
fraudently obtained personal information to get e.g. expensive medical procedures, or for the purpose of
deceiving an insurance company and to ask them to pay for procedures that were not done, or to claim
accidents/losses that never occurred.

It is suggested that to protect yourself from the
identity theft you are requested to adhere to the
CMVS' security measures:

1.  Do not provide / send by e.g. mail, fax, or e-mail number or photocopy of any of your personal
  documents such as:
            -  Credit Card, or any other bank's cards,
            -  Driving Licence,
            -  Citizenship Card,
            -  Passport,
            -  Social Security Number,
            -  Health Insurance Card

2.  Do not provide any similar information as stated in item No. 1, about your spouse and/or children
  including their age, whereabouts and/or the names of their schools/work.

Those unscrupulous and ruthless individuals can use spyware to record your keystrokes and obtain your
credit card numbers, bank account information and passwords when you are making purchases or
conduct other business on-line. They also can access confidential information stored on your hard drive.

Such individuals can operate not only in Canada and the U.S.A., but also can reach you from the
European Union (e.g. Spain or from the former communist block countries), Far and Middle East, Asia,
Africa, or Oceania using frequently e-mails, letters and cell phones (but not regular telephone lines) and
requesting your personal information to be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed (usually into their P.O. Box
number, but not into a regular postal address).

You may also visit Google's
SAFETY CENTER, to learn more how to protect yourself and the family

Source: The Internet
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