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The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
Figure 1
Figure 2
The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. (CMVS) Executive Office's
performance is presented in the form of letters, faxes, and e-mails, which have been sent out in
the period from 1999 to 2004 (Figure 1 and 2).

In the first 6-year period of the Executive Office
activities, from January 01, 1999 to December
31, 2004, a
total number of 981 items (letters, faxes and e-mails) have been sent (Figure 1).

Interestingly, in the first 3-year period of being
connected to the Internet (from January 01,
2002 to December 31, 2004), a total number of
letters and faxes sent out from the CMVS'
Office decreased by 7.69% and by 27.16%, respectively (Figure 2).
An Evolution of Internet (in Brief)*:
1.) 1990 - The
first web browser was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It was
called WorldWideWeb (www) and was later renamed Nexus;
2.) 1991 (August) - Sir Tim Berners-Lee posted a short summary of the
WorldWideWeb (www) project on the alt.hypertext news group, inaugurating
the Web as a publicly available service on the Internet;
3.) 1993 - a new
Mosaic (later Netscape) browser software invented by Marc
Andreesen was released;
4.) 1995 (August) - Microsoft releases
Windows 95 to expand its product into
computer networking and WorldWideWeb (www) interacting with the MSN
on-line services and
Internet Explorer, a Microsoft web browser;
5.) 1996 (January) - research project on
Google search engine began by Lary Page
and Sergey Brin at Stanford University in Stanford, California;
6.) 1997 (September) - the domain name for Google was registered;
7.) 1998 -
Netscape launched what it would become the Mozilla Foundation in
attempt to produce a competitive browser. This browser would eventually
evolve into Firefox, currently popular in Indonesia, Germany, and Poland;
8.) 1998 (September) - Google company was incorporated;
9.) 1999 - RIM released its first
BlackBerry smart phone;
10.) 2001 (August) - Microsoft released
Windows XP;
11.) 2005 -
Nokia's smartphone was introduced;
12.) 2005 (July) - Microsoft released the next version of windows,
Windows Vista;
13.) 2007 (June) - Apple Inc. introduced the original
14.) 2008 (September) - first release of Google Chrome;
15.) 2009 (July) - Microsoft released
Windows 7;
16.) 2010 (March) - Samsung
Galaxy S, an Android smartphone, was introduced;
17.) 2010 (June) - Apple Inc. introduced the
iPhone 4S;
18.) 2012 (October) - Microsoft released
Windows 8;
19.) 2012 (September) - Apple Inc. released the
iPhone 5;
20.) 2013 (January) - RIM released its
BlackBerry 10 model;
21.) 2013 (March) - Smasung released its
Galaxy S IV model;
22.) 2013 (February - April) - an new
Google-Glass model (Explorer Edition),
 displaying information in a smartphone-like hands-free- format and interacting
 with the Internet via voice command, has been introduced to testers and
 Google I/O developers.
*Source: www.Wikipedia.com
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