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The CMVS' Security Alert
The CMVS' Security Alert

            Important Notes To Investor:

* By investing into The Cambridge Center for Medical Veterinary Sciences Inc. (CMVS), the company located
 in the Province of Ontario, Canada, you - the Investor - will become the owner (
% of ownership to be
 negotiated) of the Canadian company, which is a Corporation incorporated pursuant to the Federal Laws of

* All the applicable laws of the Province of Ontario are applying and are in effect as well, as the project is
 planned to be completed within the border of this Province.

* All legal procedures related to the investment into the
CMVS involving Negotiations, Offer Letters, Oral or
Written Agreements, and signed Contracts (but not limited to) are and will be governed by the Federal Laws of
Canada and all applicable laws of the Province of Ontario.

* The
CMVS project with its secure, stable and flexible programs that have been purposely designed to protect
the Investor's money and with the teaching-leaning Companion Small Animal General
Hospital - CAH planned to be
constructed in
Greater Toronto Area (GTA, in the York / Durham Region, Ontario) is currently the best business
offer available for the investment.
Additionally, the Province of Ontario /
GTA (Central Ontario) is representing:
          (1) a very stable political system,
          (2) a very strong growth of economy,
          (3) a safe geographical and geopolitical location,
          (4) mild weather conditions in the winter or summer due to its unique location among 5 Great Lakes,
          and (5) a very rapid expansion of population.

* To secure the legal aspects of all transactions (after the September 11th) the
CMVS' lawyers, accountant, and
the banker should be contacted by you, the Investor (or by your legal representative on your cost), for the purpose
of confirming your (a) intentions of investment and (b) intention to negotiate the terms of investment into The
Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. (
CMVS), Ontario, Canada.

* All sort of communication in the form of correspondence [letters, e-mails, faxes, (hand-) written notes, or brief
but detailed messages left on answering machine/mail-voice] are the essential sources of information needed for the
purpose of:
          (a) presenting them in the form of a hard documentation to the CMVS' Board of Directors, lawyers,
               accountants, or bankers, and
          (b) securing the legal aspects and confidentiality as well of all procedures/transactions involving the
                investment, what justify our request to sign the
CMVS' Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Such policy of tracing in a very strict manner of all needed information and collecting dozen or hundreds of dozen
details of requested documentation [including complete information about investor(s), how the contact has been
initiated and established, how developed over the period of time, etc.] which can be examined and verified, is
mandatory and in accordance with the Company's standards / guidelines, in these post-September 11th (2001)

* The Investor is responsible for covering in full all cost(s) related to his business related matters with the
Center, and for: (I) the legal, due diligence, traveling costs (hotel costs and related incidental expenses), site
inspections(s) and processing  expenses, (II) the project evaluation by internal or external experts, (III) any work of
Investor's legal and officially appointed aid or representative(s), (IV) all transactions linked to the transfer of money
for investment purposes into the Center's account, etc.

* For the purpose of securing your, the Investor, money a long-term investment account (named here as a
"frozen account") at the Bank will be open for the purpose of generating the Center's working capital. A "frozen
account" expression is used to describe an account to which nobody has access. A working capital generated by the
CMVS, will be automatically transferred from the "frozen account" into the CMVS' Working Capital Account.

* This is to acknowledge that any individual (named here as an Independent Financial Consultant) who is working
independently from the Investor and the
CMVS will receive, for his role in mediating and putting together the
investors and this project, a commission at approximately 3% of the amount of money invested
(transferred) into the Center's account at the Bank (to protect and secure the investment and to establish the
company's financial asset with a return of approximately 10% per year) located in Canada or USA.


*This is to inform you, the Investor, and any other parties involved or interested in our programs, that the
currently used abbreviation of the company's name as the
CMVS or CCMVS is a legitimate acronym used in all
sort of correspondence and in all company's promotional / legal written materials. Furthermore, the other short
forms such as the Center, Cambridge Center, or Sciences Center might be used as well, to simplify the
communication and to accommodate a personal preference.
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The CMVS' Security Alert
The Cambridge Center
for Medical & Veterinary
Sciences Inc. (CMVS)
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The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
Including Investor(s) willing to immigrate
to Canada (Ontario) on a Business Visa (for
more information
contact immigration officer
at the nearest
Canadian embassy / consulate)