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United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)
Established in January 1977, UNOS oversees the national (USA)
data base and standards of clinical transplantation, operates the
computerized organ sharing system, matching donated organs,
provides a toll-free patients services lines to help transplant
candidates, recipients and family members understand organ
allocation practices and transplantation data...
Transplant Societies /
Associations / Registries
In the U.S., as of August 23, 2007, 258 Transplant Centers were
operating one or more transplant programs (UNOS). Selected list of
Transplant Centers (listed alphabetically by States) is limited to the
centers that performed 100 or more kidney transplants in the period
from 2001 to 2003.
US Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients
SRTR provides reports and data on solid organ transplantation and
supports ongoing evaluation (reports are published every six
months) of the scientific and clinical status of solid organ
transplantation in the United States...
University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham
performed 612 kidney transplants from January 2001 to December  
2003 ... a leader in organ transplantation since 1968 when the 1st
kidney transplantation was performed...with multi-organ transplant
programs involving pancreas-kidney, lung, liver, and bone marrow
transplantations...in 2007, UAB Hospital has been ranked by
for the 16th consecutive year...
Banner Good Samaritanian Medical Center
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix
with its locations in Jacksonville, Fla., Rochester, Minn., and in
Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona...
149 kidney transplants from January
2001 to December  2003 were performed in a new Mayo Clinic
Hospital (Phoenix) open in fall of 1998...to provide state-of -the-art
in-patient medical care with maximum efficiency in a
patient-and-visitor friendly environment...
The University Hospital of Arkansans
located in Arkansans, Little Rock (UAMS), performed 105 kidney
from January 2001 to December  2003..Since
performing 1st kidney transplant in 1968, UAMS has provided
superior care for patients with chronic and end-stage renal
disease...currently with multi-disciplinary team of transplant
surgeons, nephrologists, nurses.. lend their experience & expertise
to every patient continuum care...
University California Davis Medical Center
located in Sacramento, California (CASM), performed 120 kidney
from January 2001 to December  2003...and performs
solid organs transplantation of the kidney-pancreas, pancreas,
liver... seeking to improve quality of life for transplant patients ...
and meeting or exceeding national standards set by United Network
of Organ Sharing (UNOS)...
Stanford Medical University Center
located in Stanford, California (CASU), performed 134 kidney
from January 2001 to December  2003...transplant
teams are comprised of surgeons, medical specialists, nurse
coordinators, social workers, and ancillary staff members who
provide superior specialized expertise in...related services and
careful pre-transplant monitoring and post-surgical care...
St. Vincent Medical Center
British Columbia Transplant Society
The 1st kidney transplant in British Columbia (BC, Canada) was
performed in 1968...and since then, thousands of patients have
received kidneys...as an excellent therapy for patients with
end-stage kidney disease...with one-year graft survival...over
90%...While the patients will require immunosuppressant for the rest
of their life, their quality of life is typically excellent...
The Canadian Transplant Society
CTS - is a national non-profit association of health professionals
committed to facilitating and enhancing the goals of transplant
medicine across Canada...
The Canadian Transplant Association
CTA - was formed in 1987 by a handful of Canadian recipients who
wanted to show that Organ Donation Works. They did this by
encouraging others to join them in attending World Transplant
Games (WTG). The WTG are every two years and the 15th Games
were held in London, Ontario in 2005. Over 50 countries attend
these events with upwards of 2000 competitors...
Canadian Society of Transplantation (CST)
CST - provides leadership for the advancement educational,
scientific, and clinical aspects of transplantation of
Canada..through education and research in transplantation,
trainees and specialists in related fields, basic scientists, allied
health professionals and corporations involved in transplantation
and its related fields... annual meetings which permit scientific,
in Phoenix, Arizona, performed 280 kidney transplants from January
2001 to December  2003...and from its 1st kidney transplant in
1969...more than 2,000 kidney transplantation have been
performed...becoming the largest provider of kidney transplants in
Arizona...and expanding its transplant programs to other locations
in Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Wyoming...
Transplant Hospitals /
located in Los Angeles, California (CACV), performed 546 kidney
from January 2001 to December  2003....
University of California at Los Angeles
University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center, Los
Angeles, performed
528 kidney transplants from January 2001 to
December  2003....
California Pacific Medical Center, San
performed 318 kidney transplants from January 2001 to December  
San Diego Medical Center, California
University of California San Diego Medical Center, San Diego,
222 kidney transplants from January 2001 to December  
Alabama - Listed 1 of total 2 Transplant Centers
Arizona  - Listed 2 of total 4 Transplant Centers
Arkansans - Listed 1 of total 3 Transplant Centers
California - Listed 6 of  total 26 Transplant Centers
The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
Dr. Ruka
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