Dr. Ruka Canada
Mass Media & the CMVS Programs:
January 04, 2002 - after an interview with Dr. Ruka,
the first press release about the
CMVS programs has been
written by the journalist Mr. Alan Ferris in
The Guelph
, page no. A4
January 13, 2002 - Dr. Ruka has given his first
interview to the CTV Station (the CKCO-TV News at 6:00
p.m. and at 11:00 p.m.) in regards to the
CMVS programs
January 16, 2002 - Dr. Ruka has participated in a
Live Talk Show (5:00 p.m.) on MOJO - MAX 640 Toronto
Radio Station in regards to the plans of construction in
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a
Transplant Hospital for pets
January 23, 2002 - Dr. Ruka has given an interview
to the CKTV Radio Station in St. Catherine Niagara Falls,
Ontario, Canada
January 23, 2002 - information in regards to the
CMVS programs (interview with Dr. Ruka) was aired on the
CBC One Radio Station
Ontario Today - Across the Province
February-March 2002 - in a preliminary survey
carried out by the
Canadian Goldens Discussion Forum it
has been shown that approximately 70% of respondents
supported Dr. Ruka's Organ Transplant Programs in pets
(dogs & cats); for more information please access the CBC
One web page:
The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and
genome for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
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