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      Dr. Ruka's Presidential Address
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Dear Supporters, Contributors, Donors, Patrons, Colleagues, and Friends;

It is my pleasure of inviting you to participate in the construction (PHASE ONE and PHASE 2) of teaching-learning
280,000-square-foot 7-level- Companion Small Animal General Hospital (CAH) in accordance with the Canadian
specifications for  human hospitals - a new concept of first national and international affinity in the field of organ / tissue /
stem cells transplantation / regeneration, oncology, and genome, among veterinary, biological, human medicine and related
disciplines and professions
under a single patronage named as The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc.
, that is planned to be established in the Central Ontario (Canada) area (Greater Toronto Area, GTA, in the York /
Durham Region) , in accordance with the Canadian Government (Institutional / Local, Municipal, Provincial, Federal)
requirements and regulations.
This is also the first effort, in the history of the human and veterinary transplant medicine, of bringing a group of veterinary
clinical uremic and diabetic dogs and cats patients (1.5% of a total 150 million dogs and cats population in North America) as
a new clinical animal model in the treatment of naturally occurring diseases such as uremia and diabetes by organ
transplantation. The knowledge gained and the results obtained from the treatment, established techniques, approved
protocols and projects will be immediately applied, initially in the form of pre-clinical trials, into human transplant recipients.
The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. (CMVS), [the company is open for an EQUITY
INVESTMENT (% of ownership) located in Central Ontario (GTA), Canada], is in the process of searching for, from the
private (private investors) and public (governmental loans / matching money  / crowd funding) sectors, an
investment in the
amount of US$16.5 million
(to generate a return of interest on the protected investment made to the CMVS of approximately
US$1.6 million per year = the
CMVS' working capital).
To initiate the program, we are seeking a basic injection of seed money in the amount of US$1.6 million for the purpose of
establishing a 2,500 sq. ft. - 5,000 sq. ft. FACILITY (
PHASE ONE) in Greater Toronto Area (Ontario), as the first and only
such FACILITY in North America providing kidney transplantation services, a life-saving procedure, into dog recipients
diagnosed with the end-stage of organ disease (see the
PHASE ONE and PHASE 2 of our project presented in the form of
32-slide presentation).
The ultimate goal, however, would be to raise additionally an approximately US$85 million within the next 10-year period
(from the moment of its first initial investment) to create the company's financial asset in the amount of close to US$100
million for the purpose of generating a return of interest on the protected investment in the amount of about US$10
million/year (
CMVS' working capital), under condition that the Bank's interest rate on the long-term investment is 10% (needs
to be adjusted in an accordance to the current Bank's interest rate, currency devaluation, currency inflation, currency
depreciation, etc.
In brief, the
CMVS is a clinical, teaching (with plans to become a private educational - teaching-learning - Institution, under
the Canadian legislation of
Post-Secondary Excellence and Choice Act from 2000; former Bill 132), research with diagnostic
laboratories Center including its functional programs (carried out in the accredited or licensed facilities), regulations and
services established and developed for the purpose of assessing the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields
of expertise (veterinary, human medicine, biology and others) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration,
oncology, and genome for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals.
These clinical, teaching, research, and diagnostic programs, as indicated above, in the field of
organ and tissue
(but not limited to) are going to be implemented by (1) cooperation with selected medical transplant
center(s) in Canada (negotiations in progress) and (2) developing and establishing the
teaching-learning Hospital with its three
distinct facilities as functional arms (accredited, certified, or licensed) in the form of:
Phase I - Companion Small Animal General Hospital [CAH, a referral teaching-learning 280,000-square-foot 7-level-Facility
with its in-and out-patients regular and routine clinical work is planned to be constructed in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
following the human hospital standards, and licensed in a harmony with The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO)
] is referred in the CMVS materials as the Hospital-CAH.
Phase II - Research Wing (to-be constructed as a 75,000-square-foot facility and licenced by the CCAC, CVO, etc.) for
supporting laboratories (embryo lab, immuno-genetic lab, etc.), and
Phase III - Wing / Department of Auto-/ Allo-/ Xeno- organ/tissue/stem cells/genome transplantation into Human Recipients.
The official name and plan of these facilities are still in the process of being established (and pending on investment), in
accordance with all applicable Local (Institutional), Municipal, Provincial and Federal regulations and guidelines including
College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO), Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), Animal for Research Act (ARA),
Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sciences, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural
Affairs, Ministry of Environment, and other Canadian institutions.
For more details, due to uniqueness and complexity of this project, you are requested (for your further reading and study) to
refer to the following documents:
  1. The
CMVS Executive Summary (18 pages);
  2. An Introduction to the
Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. Goals and Mission (5pages);
  3. The
CMVS Projected Profile (4 pages); and
  4. The
CMVS Business Plan (35 pages),
which together with other selected materials are presented in the "
Handbook For The CMVS' Programs Investor" as
inseparable documents, a distinct part of 500-page "The
CMVS' Manual of Organ-Tissue Transplantation for Humans and
Animals Benefit - Development, Programs & Regulations" (selected chapters are in the process of being presented on the
CMVS Web-page where for viewing/printing of some pages/chapters an appropriate fee will be charged in the amount of US$
still to be decided), to give a general overview of the clinical, teaching, research and diagnostic programs in the field of organ
auto-, allo-, and xeno-transplantation to-be implemented at the
CVMS for the humans and companion animals (dogs and cats)
Furthermore, due to uniqueness and complexity of this project, in order to protect our both intellectual and proprietary
information please find attached a copy of the
CMVS' Confidentiality Agreement with a kind request to sign an return it for
my signature, prior to any further discussion(s) and/or presentation(s) in regards to the
CMVS program(s) and service(s). Our
fax number is (519) 763-9192.
If you, a potential Investor, are located in-/ or out-side of Ontario, Canada or overseas then it will be essential to contact the
CMVS office through your representative(s) e.g. a lawyer (such expenses are not covered by the CMVS), whose accredited law
office or firm is located in Canada (Toronto, Ontario, preferable), or in the USA.
I would be very happy to meet you and your associates or your representative, having the opportunity to introduce and
discuss the
Center's readiness for EQUITY INVESTMENT (% of ownership), strategies of investment (protected
investment), programs and services, etc. at the time and place most convenient to you.
Please let me know when and where it will be convenient to you (or your representative) to have arranged a meeting
(telephone conference, etc.) to initiate a discussion in regards to the investment into the
CMVS programs and other related
in these Post-Fordism (Henry Ford - as we are moving from the industrial economy to the services economy),
post-9/11, and post-Great Recession Global Economy by calling or faxing at (519) 763 - 9192, by sending an e-mail to:
mp.ruka@ccmvs.com, or by writing to the following address: The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc.,
55 Yarmouth Street, Suite 204, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 7R4.

                 Yours sincerely,

                 Miroslaw P. Ruka, D.V.M., Ph.D.


Cc. Mr.
Janko Peric - Former Member of Parliament, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (CMVS' Consultant)
Izaak de Rijcke, B.Sc., L.L.B., O.L.S. - Law Firm, Guelph, Ontario, Canada (CMVS' Consultant)
Carl S. Swanson - Complete Tax & Business Services, Guelph, Ontario, Canada (CMVS' Consultant)
Allan S. MacDonald (MD, FRCSC) - Director, Voting Member of the Board of Directors, Distinguished Professor of
   General  Surgery and Organ Transplantations, Director of Organ Transplant Programs (
CMVS' Appointments),
   Sydney, NS, Canada
George Szczepski, CPA, CAE - Szczepski, Racolla & Co. LLP, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (CMVS' Consultant)

E. O. & E.

Enc. The CMVS' Non-Disclosure Agreement
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