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The CMVS' LOGOGRAM - A Brief Description
Letter - C - stands for the Cambridge, a word expressing bridging various professional campuses in the
medical, veterinary, biological, etc. fields from around the world to work and exchange the knowledge in
organ transplantation, molecular re-structure, stem cells, genome, bio-technology, etc., geographically
located in the area (
GTA) which is one of the most populated regions in Canada, with numerous medical
universities and colleges significantly influencing the society`s economic development, giving a platform
for the positive development of high level of education.  It is anticipated that the
CMVS` programs in
accordance with the Local (Institutional), Municipal, Provincial, and Federal guidelines and regulations,
will contribute to the local economy by creating additional jobs and will enhance migration of highly
educated people from other areas of the Province or Canada, because of its scientific environment.
Letter - C - stands for the Center that, as a first national and international association, integrates human
medical, biological and veterinary professions (but not limited to) under a single patronage. The
will implement its
Mission Statement and Goals through the development and construction of the
HOSPITAL in Greater Toronto Area (GTA, Ontario, Canada) where, working towards self sufficiency, all
teaching, clinical, diagnostic, research programs and services (in comparative studies among three
species: dogs, cats and humans) integrating human and veterinary methodologies through the treatment of
small animals will be meeting the needs of medical and veterinary communities and the public not
currently served.
CMVS will be first such facility in North America, serving not only the community and the region within
the geographic area but expending its reputation through veterinary, medical, biological and other related
professions, centers, institutions, in governmental and private sectors throughout Canada, USA, and
beyond, with the expectation to build fundaments essential to develop needed technologies and
information, and through available database and telecommunication technologies, to serve as a global
Center for advancement, consultations, and ideas exchange for veterinarians, physicians,
biologists (but not limited to) and the public.
Letter - M - stands for a medical profession (human medicine) involved in the form of programs, projects or
courses to be established and integrated into comparative study among three different species: dogs, cats
and humans to be carried out within the
CMVS structure. It is anticipated that the knowledge obtained from
all these clinical, teaching, research, and diagnostic activities (programs, projects, courses and services)
will be sheared between the veterinary profession (veterinary small animal clinical patients) and medical
profession ( medical clinical patients) - for the benefit of humans and animals.
Letter - V - stands for a Veterinary Field, as a main driven force-discipline within the HOSPITAL (accredited
and/or licensed as a Teaching -Learning Hospital, etc.) - a core of the
CMVS structure, responsible for
(1) a daily routine in- and out- patient (dogs and cats) full clinical and diagnostic
work-services-care to the public for 24 hours a day and 7days a week,
(2) establishing clinical organ (e.g.
kidney) and tissue (e.g. Islets of Langerhans) transplant programs for dogs and cats,
(3) establishing 4 - 6
simultaneously running for 4 - 6-year long teaching courses to be offered to post-graduate students in a
veterinary small animal (dogs and cats) medicine, surgery and transplantation in comparative studies with a
human being, without infringing on already existing veterinary under-, graduate, or post-graduate programs.
HOSPITAL will provide society with the services of treatment sick animals and restoring them to health,
clinical training and courses for the individuals who reside in the Province of Ontario (approximately 10
million people with 64 Colleges and Universities), in Canada (32 million people with 128 Colleges and
Universities), in the U.S.A. (300 million people with a proportionally comparative number of Colleges and
Universities), and beyond. Additionally, there are approximately 4,000 practicing veterinarians in Canada
(with 300+ Veterinary Clinics established in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario) and 48,000 in the U.S.A.
Moreover, there are approximately 150 million dogs and cats (50%:50%) registered in Canada and the
U.S.A., of which approximately 1.5 % (2.2 million) will need a veterinary attention due to their uremic
and/or diabetic status-condition.
Letters - Sc - stand for the Sciences - The Knowledge of Laws and Principles**. The CMVS has
undertaken a very challenging task to work towards establishing a global reference
Center for professionals
of all disciplines and the public in the field of Small Animal Medicine, Surgery and Transplantation (dogs
and cats in comparative studies with a human being).
This can be achieve, in part, by the meticulously executed procedure of selecting potential employee(s)
for all levels (positions) available within the
Center's structure, and their sincere (intellectual) commitment
in employing scientific methodologies and analysis into their clinical, teaching, research, diagnostic, or
administrative responsibilities with the efforts to exceed existing professional, ethical, moral, and work
environment standards.
The Four

The Four Green ARROWS are symbolizing: (a) flow and circulation of technologies and information among
veterinary, medical and biological disciplines;
(b) daily clinical, teaching, research, and diagnostic
veterinary work with the patients,
(c) an expectation that the knowledge obtained from such work (e.g. organ
transplantation) will be of benefit to both the human medical and veterinary sciences;
(d) the national and
international exchange of students, residents, visiting professors, volunteers;
(e) professional integration with
biomedical, pharmaceutical or medical centers, companies or institutions in private or governmental
sectors, and with non-profit or charitable organizations as well, and
(f) the Investors, but not limited
geographically to Canada or the U.S.A. only, as it is anticipated that the
CMVS will play a significant
national and international role as a global reference
Center for professionals (and the public) in the
veterinary and medical sciences (but not limited to) for the benefit of humans and animals.
The TURLTE* - of the CMVS logo is a terrestrial-marine animal generally slow moving and unaggressive
found in the most parts of the world, famed for its longevity (above 150 years), and existing in relatively the
same form for at last 200 million years.
Over the last several millennia the
TURTLE* has been portrayed in the legends of most nations (China,
Japan, India, Native American, or African) as a wise and knowledgeable man or creature, becoming a
symbol of peace, stability, patience, strength, endurance, longevity, fecundity, persistence, and a wisdom.
In the Western culture, the
TURLTE, has been summed up in the Festina Lente (make haste slowly) fraise, a
Latin proverb, which in a very elegant manner has been depicted in the emblem of Cosimo de' Medici
(member of a very powerful family which played a pivotal role in the financial, political, and cultural
history of XIV and XVII cc. Florence/Tuscany as wool merchants, bankers, dukes, princes, and two Popes
Leo X and Clement VII) - as a turtle voyaging slowly but surely.
It denotes also a success through a long hard work and perseverance, as immortalized in an Aesop's classic
story of the hare and the tortoise.
Furthermore, Ted Andrews in his book entitled "
Animal-Wise (The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature)"
stated that turtles "... remind us that we have plenty of time to accomplish what we wish, and we must not
be impatient. The tortoise teaches that time is irrelevant ... We must get back to basics and use our skills in
the right way. ...".
In this particular context, the
TURTLE, represents biological disciplines (e.g. immunology, molecular
biology, genetics, pharmacology) which are indisputably fundamental and logical elements in bridging
both medical and veterinary fields, as a stabilizing element for the harmonious integration of professionals
between these two disciplines (but not limited to) under this unique single patronage of the
CMVS, is
pivotal in a successful realization of the
Center's programs.
Establishing The Name of the Company According to the COBSC Regulations:
The Founder, in establishing the name of this Company, has adhered to the
Canada-Ontario Business Services Centre's (COBSC) recommendations that
can be summarized as follows:
(a) the name of the business / company should
provide an exact and clear information about the products / services that such
entity is willing to provide to the clients / public, and that
(b) a strong,
descriptive name should be chosen to provide potential customers / public
with a clear understanding of what the company does e.g. Jet Blast Inc., Noise
Cancellation Technologies Inc, etc. (for more information refer to:
It was the Author's intention that all elements of the
LOGO should reflects the
CMVS global role as a
Center for the professionals in the field of
(veterinary, medical, and biological but not limited to)
small animal medicine, surgery, and organ
transplantation with projecting a strong confidence in
stability, reliability, and flexibility of the proposed
projects / programs.
Following A Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary** (1983, Unabridged 2nd Edition - Deluxe Color) definition of
the word
LOGOGRAM (or its popular expression - a logo) is as follows: a LOGOGRAM is a sign which represents a word (or
a group of words), as e.g. $ sign stands for
The Complete Dictionary of Symbols In Myths, Art and Literature; by Jack Tressider. Pub.: Dunkan Baird
Publisher, 2004;
Mythology-The Illustrated Anthology of World Myths and Story Telling; by C. Scott Littelton. Pub.: Dunkan
Baird Publisher, 2002
Animal-Wise (The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature); by Ted Andrews. Pub.: Dragonhawk Publishing
Jackson, Tennessee, 1999, pages 352 - 353
The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
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