Dr. Allan S. MacDonald - Biographical Profile

Dr. Allan S. MacDonald is a Professor of Surgery and Director of
Transplantation at Dalhousie University and the Queen Elisabeth II
Health Sciences Center in Halifax. He is graduate in Medicine from
Dalhousie University. He did his post-graduate surgical training in
the Halifax hospitals with research and training at Harvard
University under Professor J.E. Murray and the Cambridge
University with Professor Sir R.Y. Calne. He established the
transplant program in Halifax in 1969 and has been involved in
and basic laboratory research in the fields of clinical transplantation
and immunology ever since. He has over 250 scientific papers and
abstracts published in scientific and clinical journals. He has
supervised the introduction of liver transplantation and pancreas
transplantation to the established kidney program and is currently
involved as an active surgeon in these areas. He also serves as a
Director of the organ retrieval program for Atlantic Canada.
Dr. MacDonald is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Canada and has served as a Member of Council
for the College eight years and as an examiner for seven years. He
has been the Chair of the Regional Advisory Committee for the
Atlantic Provinces to the Royal College, President of the Canadian
Oncology Society, President of the Canadian Transplantation
Society and President of the Canadian Multi-Centre Transplant
Study Group. He has been a member of grant committees for the
National Cancer Institute and the Medical Research Council of
Canada. He still serves as a reviewer for grant applications to most
of Canada's health granting agencies.
His current major research efforts are directed towards the
development of new immunosuppressive drugs and innovative
ways of using established drugs.
Allan S. MacDonald, M.D., FRCSC*
Voting Member of the Board of Directors
Dr. Allan S. MacDonald
Dr. Allan S. MacDonald
Dr. Allan S. MacDonald
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