Dr. Ruka Canada
Founded: November 26, 1998, Guelph, Ontario,  CANADA
The CMVS is a clinical, teaching, research with diagnostic labs and services CENTER established to
assess the strategies to be undertaken by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary, human
medicine, biology, etc.) in organ/tissue/stem cells transplantation/regeneration, oncology, and genome
for the public health - the benefit of humans and animals
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The Purpose:

The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. (CMVS), a federally incorporated
Corporation (Canada), has been established to raise a start-up capital / investment (for PHASE
ONE and PHASE 2 of this project - click here to access a 32-slide presentation) in the amount of
US$16.5 million to construct (in accordance to the Canadian specifications / standards for
human hospitals) a veterinary
Companion Small Animal (for dogs and cats, only) 280,000 sq. ft.
teaching-learning General Hospital in Greater Toronto Area (GTA - York / Durham Region), as the
first and only such facility in North America
, where the clinical, teaching, research, diagnostic,
and laboratory work with post-graduate programs will be established by professionals in their
fields of expertise (veterinary medicine, human medicine, molecular biology / immunology,
bio-technology, chemistry, etc.)
to carry out clinical canine kidney transplantation, a life-saving
into dog-recipients diagnosed with the end-stage of organ disease.

Greater Toronto Area (
GTA), located on a Horseshoe Peninsula (Ontario, Canada) along the Lake
of Ontario, has been chosen to build the
Companion Small Animal teaching-learning General
, as it is a very unique region in North America due its geography (18% of the world's
fresh lake water, with 563 lakes larger than 100 square kilometres),
climate (hot summer, mild
population (more than 5 million people, expected to add another 3 - 4 million by 2020),
economy (revenue: C$21 billion / year) and education (numerous of highly educated individuals
holding their PhD degrees).

teaching-learning Hospital, a 3-storey facility (7-level: 4 sub-levels and 3 floors) will create
200 full time positions (80 positions for veterinarians and 120 positions for technical and support

The revenue and return on investment will be generated from a daily routine clinical (in- &
out-patients) work, transplant programs, governmental / private grants, auxiliary services, public
offering, etc.
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Founder: M.P.Ruka
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